Bringing Safety & fun to your child’s bathroom experience

Matimals bath mats helps parents and grandparents eliminate the inevitable mess and hassle of bath time. 

EAse & Comfort For all

Matimals reduce the chance of an accident in several ways.

  1. They stick right to the tub. With suction cups behind the animal’s ears, any Matimal quickly and easily snaps right onto the tub.
  2. There are also two plastic hooks that hold your towel in place. Matimals makes it easy to have a towel in place before you need it. You’ll never again have to hold your squirming, wet toddler in one hand while trying to prepare a towel. If you’ve ever tried to, you know that this can be an accident waiting to happen.
  3. The landing pad is highly versatile. You can use it to kneel next to the tub. Using it to comfortably play and keep a watchful eye on your child or grandchild. 

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