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Julianna Loves to take baths now that she has her buddy Monkey Mat waiting for her!
Sweet Little Lily is only 2 months old and is already loving her Monkey Matimals Drying Station!
“I love using this with my 8 month old! The mat is great for kneeling and drying off was a breeze. Added bonus: my 4 year old loves the character (we have the monkey) and not only does he want to take more baths (!), but it’s no longer a struggle to get him out of the tub. We can just ask him to come sit on the monkey and he gets out without complaint.”

HEATHER – Washington State
“I used Matimals with an 8 month old and it was super helpful! Having the towel set up and being able to lay baby down was way easier than doing the balancing act on the side of the tub or carrying a sopping wet baby to the next room. I got to stayed dry while drying him off! The cushion on the Matimals also is a great knee saver for when your kneeling at the tub. Overall I really enjoyed using this product and would highly recommend as a gift to new parents.”

Alicia C. Lake Havasu City
Kinsley loves Dancing on her matimal after bath time!
Nixon always loves bath time with his Zebra Matimal!
“This has been a great addition to our bath time routine. Our daughter is still in a smaller tub on our kitchen counter but it helps when we go from the tub to the mat on the counter, this is when she cries the most post bath and you can actually see a smile on her face after our first use.

The suction cups and towel grabbing bits are a great help for that delicate moment when you are moving from the tub to the mat to keep things in place and get your little one warm and dry quickly before you slap another diaper on.

The texture on the mat itself is nice to keep the towel and baby from slipping off when a little water inevitably gets in the mix.

Storing and drying is easy when you can use the suction cup to stick it on the wall in the bathtub.

I recommend this for parents with newborns and slightly older kids for those nail biting moments of moving a kid from the tub to a towel safely.”

Jeremy & Annie – Seattle, WA